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Started in June 2000, Always Nearby, Inc.’s mission is to provide a timely and reliable solution to our customers’ mechanical needs and services for today’s thriving society through our preventative maintenance system. With the knowledge of our qualified team, we hope to be in stride with our customers to meet the demands of daily activities. Providing the source and solution to our customers’ mechanical needs through preventative maintenance, qualified technicians, and our commitment to serve our customers with the highest of respect for being that; an Always Nearby customer. Founded by Nicklaus Cartledge, we pride ourselves in being a workplace that works hard, are reliable, and provides our clients with excellent preventative maintenance every day.


We believe in:

  • Growth in expanding and maturing.

  • Adaptability in the industry.

  • Integrity in character.

  • Reliable service.

  • Trustworthy individuals.

  • Assertive in action.

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